Each customer is supposed to know our general sales and payment and to accept them. Even if the purchase conditions are applicable, unless it was previously agreed otherwise in writing.
Each customer has a choice of three languages ​​for the handling of his order namely: Dutch, French, and English.
To place an order on this site you must be 18 years or over.

Company Information:
Christoff Everaert
Bosstraat 11
9111 Belsele
+32 (0) 472 662 236
VAT number: BE 0645 472 741


Orders are accepted and processed as per our possibilities.
On request, the customer can obtain a written confirmation of the order.
Ordered goods can be canceled within 14 days. Any costs for shipping will be paid for by the customer.

Prices, terms of delivery, transportation, retention:

The prices listed on our website are binding unless there is a force majeure.
Rates on our website are always inclusive of VAT, unless it concerns a shipment outside the EU or to customers with a valid VAT number in the EU.
Delivery dates are indicative only. For larger lamps the date of delivery may take longer. If there are expired already more than 2 months since the order it is possible to cancel this writing.
Unless otherwise agreed, any duties, taxes and transport costs are borne by the customer.
The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the invoices.


Payments, reimbursements and billing are always done in the Euro currency. Prices in currencies other than EUR are purely informatively displayed on the website.
With repayments the original amount in Euros will be repaid. If a different currency is used in your country, the refund will be made according to the current exchange rate. We are not responsible for any fluctuations that can occur between the time of purchase / payment and the time of repayment.

Right of withdrawal:

At bambooban you may exchange or return your product without any given reason, within 14 working days from the day of receipt. This is the European right of withdrawal. The shipping costs for returning the order are always borne by the customer.
Exchange or return of item(s) is only possible after confirmation via email by our customer.

Return Policy:

An article will only be accepted to be returned if it meets all of our return policy conditions. Any deviation from this may result in a denial:
The products must be complete (including all accessories, manuals and documentation).
Products should be undamaged, unused and in the original (undamaged) packaging.
Return of product within 10 working days after receiving our confirmation.


Customization and or products that are clearly intended for a specific person / occasion.


Any complaint must reach us in writing within 10 days after delivery, the goods are presumed to be approved after this deadline. Packaging materials should be retained for inspection. The consumer receives within 10 days a period in which he will receive a proposal for resolution of the dispute with the seller.

Warranty and guarantee:

Warranty is excluded for visible defects and are warranted only upon acceptance of the goods in our warehouses and for hidden defects if care is protested in writing within 10 days after delivery. The warranty is limited to replacement by equivalent goods, with any consequential damages and any costs such as transportation and insurance borne by the buyer. The warranty is void if the non-compliance with the goods is forwarded without maintenance instructions / manual, if there has been a case of misuse of the product or if the customer changes commissioned products without our express permission.
The seller can not be held liable for unwritten promises.
The seller can not be held liable for damage caused by aircraft or equipment, or damage caused by the weather such as storms, snow, hail, water seepage, lightning, etc ..; defects caused by the mains voltage; defects caused by wrongly connecting devices and wiring by the customer; wear or defect caused by negligent maintenance, overheating by using a high wattage bulb or halogen; indirect costs caused by the shutdown of the defective product.
All returned products MUST be 100% complete, contain all original packaging, manuals and all other accessories and product documentation.