How do I replace the light source in my lamp?

Step1: Push 10 centimeters of the lead inside the bamboo.


Step 2: Remove the light socket from the lamp and (re)place the lightbulb inside the lamp. A 15W lightbulb is recommended.


Step 3: Place the marked part of the light socket holder back into the marked groove in the bamboo.


Step 4: Push the holder into place with your index finger until you hear a click.


Step 5: Click!


Stap 6: Click!


Step 7: Push the lead back into its place, done!


Can my lamp be placed outdoors?

We do not want to use any chemical products when creating our lamps. This is why we have finished the lamps with a protective coating of latex. This coating is not water-resistant when in contact with water for a longer period of time. Some of our lamps are fitted with electrical wiring. We advise you to use the lamps indoors.

Will my lamp use a lot of energy?

The electric lamps are delivered with a 15W small fitting lightbulb that can be compared to the light inside your fridge.

If you prefer to use a saving or LED-light, replace the bulb with a 2700K bulb.

Does my lamp need a lot of maintenance?

Wiping it down with a lightly damp cloth is sufficient.