Christoff Everart is the man behind the stylish bambooban Collection.

He has made many trips to gain knowledge, inspiration and experience in the field of bamboo-and woodworks.

His artistic quirkiness was there from an early age, his artistic grandfather and mother all inspired him at home.

Then he refined his skills at stair manufacturers’ Luc Steels and trained interior architecture at the art academy of St-Niklaas

He now enjoys launching his gorgeous collection of handmade lamps online. These have been sold at exclusive locations for over 18 years.


Bamboo is a group of grass-like species characterised by a huge variation in growth form and distribution. Bamboo is native to every continent except Europe. It grows in areas from at sea level to high in the mountains, at a 3000 to 4000 m altitude.

Bamboos are grasses; there are about 1,200 known species, which are divided into two main groups, namely the woody bamboos and herbaceous bamboos. The latter resemble grasses. They are called dwarf bamboos and grow as undergrowth in forests.

The woody bamboos that we see are the most interesting, because they are able so speak to our imagination.

The highest bamboos in Asia are up to 50m high! These are among the fastest growing plants in the world and an increase of growth of a few centimeters per day is no exception. The Phyllostachys edulis in Japan only takes one day to grow up to about 121cm!

Moreover, bamboo is extremely useful. Bamboo is used as the basis for paper, for building houses and bases, bridges, making textile fibers, flooring, beautiful lamps, etc … In addition, bamboo is used to create a thousand and one useful utensils.

It would be nice to see the primary forests that remain assisted by CO2 feasting bamboo plants.